A Blue Christmas

A Blue Christmas is an original festive fairy tale written by Spike Dennis. The story was performed with handmade paper cut shadow puppets by Layla Holzer and Spike.

There was once a young boy whose father died one cold winter’s night.

The boy and his mother had such a gloomy advent, not only because of their loss, but because the boy’s father loved Christmas so much.

That Christmas Eve the boy was staring out of the window as the snow fell on the ground outside. As he watched the snow fall he could have sworn that he saw his father’s reflection in the ice outside. Startled, the boy pulled on his winter boots and put on his gloves and headed outside to investigate.

Of course, there was nothing outside the window but snow and ice. But then, as he knelt down to touch the patch of ice in which he thought he’d seen something he seemed to slip and find himself falling through the ice.

As he composed himself he found himself in an icy otherworld standing in front of his father. The boy was overwhelmed with joy and burst into tears. His father hugged him and told him be happy and to look after his mother.

The boy and his father danced and talked all night long but eventually Christmas morning was upon them and the father told the boy that he would have to return home and so they said their goodbyes.

The boy returned home from the icy otherworld to find his mother crying by the fireside. He tried to comfort her but to no avail.

It wasn’t long before the boy felt like his encounter with his father in the icy other world had all been a dream and he too, like his mother, slipped into a deep sadness.

The boy was sad and glum all year long.

As December came around again the boy had but one Christmas wish – to see his father again. And so on Christmas Eve he once again stood at the window hoping to catch sight of his father watching over him from the otherworld.

Low and behold there he was! He was sure of it!

The boy pulled on his winter boots again and put on his gloves and headed outside to find his father in the icy otherworld.

This happened every Christmas for seven years until the boy’s father told him that this would be the last time they would meet like this. The boy’s father explained that it is not just at Christmas that he is here, but that he is always with him and his mother because they carry him in their hearts.

The boy’s father gave him a ring to take with him with instructions to give it to his mother on Christmas morning.

This time the boy was reluctant to leave the icy otherworld for fear of never seeing his father again. He was glum again at first when he returned home but then he remembered what his father had said to him.

When his mother awoke in the morning the boy gifted her the ring as his father had instructed and he told her that his father is always here with them. With that she burst into tears. But not tears of sadness.

That Christmas the boy and his mother had the merriest time. They redecorated the Christmas tree and hung some extra decorations, they swapped presents, and they danced around the Christmas tree.

And if you had asked either of them they would have told you without shadow of a doubt that the boy’s father was there too dancing with them.