I’m Me, I’m Meat

“I’m Me, I’m Meat” mimics PETA’s 2017 campaign which used the slogan “I’m ME, Not MEAT” in locations around the world including billboards in Los Angeles and posters on the London Underground – in fact every poster at Clapham Common underground station was taken over by PETA in January 2017 to display one of their “I’m ME, Not MEAT” posters which PETA described as the ‘UK’s first vegan Tube station takeover‘.

These campaign posters are the result of my cannibalism studies and form part of the materials that make up my S.P.E.W project. They draw on ideas relating to culturally accepted forms cannibalism, specifically endocanniblism – that is the eating of people from within one’s own social grouping – which has been prevalent amongst groups of humans throughout our history. For example, the Cocomas tribe of the Huallaga in the Amazon explained that they ate their dead as it was better to be inside a warm friend than buried in the cold earth all alone. Similarly, tribes in New Guinea were known to eat their dead until the practice was outlawed by the Australian government during the twentieth century.