The Hunt for the Unicorn

Domestic embroidered samplers that offer a critique of our attitudes towards sex in the age of the internet using content that was sourced through online ‘casual dating’ websites.

We’re More Than the Sum of Our Pixels

Hand embroidered photographs that use the internet as a source from which to reflect on death and identity within our digitally interconnected society.

Freudian Castration Complex

Inspired both by old wives’ tales and Freud’s theories on castration this work is made up of a series of images that reflect on the ubiquity of pornographic material on the internet.

Content Moderated

Combining Arduino microprocessors with hand embroidery ‘Content Moderated’ is inspired by the use of the term in poly-amorous communities.

Guys and Dolls

Audio collected through ‘casual dating’ websites has been cut to videos of glove puppets mimicking the format of late night adult TV Channels such as ‘Babe Station’.