One of a number of works of art embroidered in ice. Existing for only a short moment in time these works reflect the fast pace of our digitally interconnected lives in the twenty first century. We live out our lives online trying to keep up as the stream continually refreshes. A tsunami of barely contextualized information passes us by at near light speed; memes, themes, viral videos and one line jokes.

In this digital age the mantra is ‘Pics or it didn’t happen‘ and so these images and videos endure as records of the existence of these temporal artworks embroidered in ice.

Contemporary Embroidery in Ice

Hand Embroidered Ice with Cross Stitch or X-stitch
Hand embroidered ice with contemporary cross stitch

Unusual Contemporary Embroidery in Ice

Installation photographs from the Findings on Ice exhibition at Oriel Davies (2016).

Installation photograph at Oriel Davies

Installation photograph from Oriel Davies

Exhibition at Oriel Davies, Powys