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This work is a continuation of my unicorn studies and the critique of our attitudes and actions in a digitally inter-connected society. This sculpture is inspired by online dating adverts posted by women who are seeking a male-female couple to enter into a poly-amourous relationship with.

Despite it’s phallic connotations the Unicorn has recently come to be associated with women; specifically bi-sexual single women sought by poly-amorous couples, so called because of their apparent rarity; akin to an impossible-to-capture mythological beast.

These women are sought by poly-amorous couples for an exclusive on-going three way sexual relationship in which the ‘Unicorn’ is often expected to be compliant to the needs of the primary couple. Rather than being a part of a truly poly-amorous relationship Unicorns are often seen as subservient to those in the triad’s primary relationship.

Many poly-amorous communities actually regard the term ‘Unicorn’ as very derogatory and consider ‘Unicorn Hunting’ to be a bit of a joke. There are some who would argue the case that Unicorn Hunters are the second-biggest offenders, behind self-identified dominant males, when it comes to objectifying women and being obnoxious in their approaches towards single women.

As with my previous work I found source material and inspiration in casual dating adverts on the internet. The images shared by self identified unicorns are broken up and re-presented in a manner that reflects the design of mechanical billboards used across the country for corporate advertising. However, the random movement that occurs ensures that the complete images are transitory; ephemeral if you like, as glimpses of unicorns have long reported to be!

Each panel measures approximately 5″ wide by 14″ tall; each complete image measures approximately 20″ wide by 14″ tall. The cross stitched panels for this sculpture took approximately 600 hours to embroider by hand. Each set of three panels is mounted on top of a continuous rotation servo motor, powered by an Arduino Uno processor.