Eat Me

Catholics should know that there is probably more strong evidence for the existence of God than there is for catastrophic man-made global warming.

– James Delingpole (2015)

Jeremy Clarkson man meat in a can

In 2011 Aaron McCright and Riley Dunlap published a paper entitled ‘Cool Dudes’ examining whether conservative white males are more likely than are other adults in the U.S. general public to endorse climate change denial. They concluded that that the unique views of conservative white males do indeed contribute significantly to the high level of climate change denial in the United States.

Eat Me expands on McCright and Dunlap’s demographic limitations to identify climate deniers, as well as the capitalist and political elite who, either directly or indirectly through their inaction, are contributing to the problem.

Building on themes within my practice which respond to issues relating to climate breakdown Eat Me proposes a radical solution to the problem – Cannibalism.

It has been well reported that two of the biggest contributing factors to the current climate crisis are animal agriculture and overpopulation, so why not kill two birds with one stone and eat people? After all cannibalism has occurred throughout the history of humanity from the Upper Palaeolithic period through until the late twentieth century. In some instances these practices took place for cultural reasons, but in many, such as during the Russian Cultural Revolution or following the crash of flight 571, it was simply a matter of survival.

The current climate crisis is the biggest threat that humanity has ever faced. If we don’t take radical action now our survival might be left hanging in the balance.

As Naomi Klein states; “It’s not simply that these ‘cool dudes’ deny climate science because it threatens to upend their dominance-based worldview. It is that their dominance-based worldview provides them with the intellectual tools to write off huge swaths of humanity, and indeed, to rationalize profiting from the meltdown”.

So what better place to start than by eating some Cool Dudes (or Dudettes?) and starting to redress the balance and prevent global meltdown?

London Underground Billboard Poster with Donald Trump Tins
-London Underground (2019)

I love that smell of the emissions.

– Sarah Palin (2011)

Each tin is produced in a limited, numbered run.

Labels are digitally printed onto environmentally friendly water resistant paper replacement. All labels are hand cut. Each tin measures approximately 10.8 x 7.5 x 7.5cm.

The following images are from the Gabrovo Biennial at the Museum of Humour & Satire in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.