Total Regrowth

these prints are sure to grow on you!


These aren’t your garden-variety prints. They are one-of-a-kind monoprints, ensuring that each piece is truly unique. Monoprint is a form of printmaking where the image can only be made once, unlike most printmaking which allows for multiple originals. The printmaking process imbues every image with rich textures and depth, bringing this ghoulish garden planter to vivid, tactile life.

These prints are all originals produced on 80gsm paper with oil based inks. Each print measures approximately 210 x 297mm.

These prints are unframed.

Whilst I’ve made every effort to accurately reproduce the print in the photo here please understand that the actual colours may vary slightly from your monitor as all screens are calibrated slightly differently.

Additional information

Dimensions 30 × 21 cm

composition one, composition two