The Sustainable People Eaters of the World, aka S.P.E.W, is a provocation aimed at addressing concerns about environmental issues, primararily climate breakdown. S.P.E.W is an imaginary organisation whose aim would appear to be to solve the climate change issues facing the world through the acceptance of cannibalism.

The study at the heart of this body of work is a website: www.spew.world

The website features a range of content including found photographs that have been digitally manipulated, some of which you can see below.

The site is also interactive and allows visitors to engage via a number of different means including:

  • Signing up for membership of S.P.E.W
  • Submitting cannibal recipe ideas
  • Submitting their images of the climate cannibal symbol
  • Signing the S.P.E.W petition

The S.P.E.W website is further supported by social media accounts – @People_Eaters – which have been set up to help disseminate the campaign message.

You can view some of the imagery that has been created for S.P.E.W below or visit the live website at www.spew.world