I’m an inter-disciplinary artist. Trained in London I have exhibited widely, from Lithuania to Los Angeles via London, and I have delivered projects for a variety of organisations including Cardiff Design Festival, Diffusion Festival, the Pack of Wolves, and Stockholm Fringe Festival amongst Others.

Artist Statement

I find inspiration in folk tales, stories, and mythology. I use these tales as starting points from which explore our attitudes and morals within a digitally inter-connected contemporary society. Characters from a variety of tales recur throughout my work, such as Baba Yaga from the Slavic/Russian stories, and princesses from fairy tales such as those collected by the Brothers Grimm.

A major body of research that I undertook focused upon the history and symbolism of the Unicorn. The changing status of the unicorn throughout the ages can tell us a lot about ourselves. My work has sought to rescue this magnificent imaginary beast from the soft-focus, airbrushed new age mystical image with which it seems to have increasingly become associated. Exploiting the unicorn’s history as a symbol of innocence, rebirth and fecundity, I use it to explore aspects of our contemporary society bringing to light issues of gender, sexuality, and rites of passage.

Sex, death, and the internet have been recurring themes within my work but more recently my attention has turned towards issues revolving around climate change and the environment following my artist residency in the Arctic. This isn’t so much of a tangent from my earlier studies as it might at first appear. New work is underpinned with a continued rigour and similar themes relating to our actions, carelessness, and moral values continue to arise from my studies.

I aim to reveal both the beauty and the horror of dreams, myths, and fairy tales, the futility of being and the crumbling of innocence. I seek to break down the boundaries between reality and imagination.

My practice primarily revolves around process based activities such as drawing and stitch though it also encompasses time-based media including performance, video, and internet based work.